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Tell me, Is this you?

You are an Etsy shop owner who poured your heart & soul into your jewelry brand and FINALLY ready to scale.

You are a Mompreneur who has been passionate about your kid's clothing brand and are ready to make an IMPACT.

You are a Corporate Badass ready to take control of your time and start building your OWN brand and living YOUR dream life.

You are a Solopreneur with a purpose and are ready to turn your passion into PROFIT.

You are a serial Entrepreneur, your soul CRAVES more and it's time to launch that fashion brand you've been talking about.

You are an aspiring founder ready to take action to turn your dreams into REALITY?

You’re a creative thinker with a compelling desire to see your idea become your reality, but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

You embrace your hustling spirit and also crave guidance and support along the way.

You KNOW that your soul is destined for more but you’re not sure how to step into your full power and make it all happen. 

Above all, you’re a creator with a purpose and there’s a reason you’re here.

Look, you’re not alone.

Have you made some progress but feel stuck, lost, or frustrated?  Are you just getting started and want to make sure you’re doing it right? Do you have a solid plan but your fear of failure is holding you back? Do you know you’re meant for more but you can’t see a way to get there?

Enough is enough. You’re done feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut and frustrated trying to figure it all out on your own. You’re ready to align with your soul’s 
purpose and find clarity, direction, and a plan.

Since starting my business, I have… 

Upleveled the expansion of my brand just by sharing my soul-centered message and finding alignment with my purpose of empowering and inspiring others.
Pre-booked my first high-ticket signature program with dream soulmate clients who are ready to step into their SoulPower

Grown to multiple six-figures and created the financial freedom that allows me to work from dream locations all around the world. 

Cultivated an intentional lifestyle that truly embodies the balance of my mind, body, and soul.

I know it’s possible for you because I’ve done it, my clients did it and so can you!

Hey Soulmate!  

Shannon Marie

Ready to step into your SoulPower?

Starting a brand is hard work. But here’s the good news: you’re not alone. I’ve got you.  

I’ve been there… but I also know what’s possible. I’m here to help you find clarity and a meaningful mindset to develop a SoulPowered strategy and create a fulfilling and profitable brand. 

I want to help you build the bridge between the life you dream about - and living the life of your dreams.
It’s time to start turning your brand into reality and I’m here to empower and support you every step of the way.

I’m Ready! Let’s get started

What is your SoulPower?

Find your true purpose, unlock your inner badass, and build a brand that is in alignment with your soul.


Let's find out

Lead By Heart

Inspire + Empower 
My passion is empowering others to gain clarity on
their SoulPowers and how they can apply these to create 
meaningful and impactful brands. I believe you already 
have all the answers within you and work as a guide to help you discover those answers and further develop
your own intuitions. I support and encourage you
towards greatness while holding you accountable for achieving your goals.

Balance + Wellness
The best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to stay rooted in balance. I teach my founders how to make time for the things that matter most for their mind, body, and spirit, while minimizing distraction and keeping them focused on their higher goal.

Rooted In Balance

Soul + Strategy
As a soul-driven entrepreneur I value making meaningful connections with others while maintaining alignment with my deepest sense of self. My approach is centered around guiding my founders in creating a purposeful and profitable brand while stepping into their SoulPower.   

Driven By SoulPower

Everything I do is...

“Shannon makes things happen and our business is better off because of it.”

“Shannon has been crucial in the launch of our athleisure brand."

“Shannon was instrumental in helping me elevate my brand’s manufacturing position."

“Shannon's knowledge and resources were invaluable! My brand is thriving and I'm so proud to be a fearless founder"

“Shannon helped me build an amazing brand I am really proud of."