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With my 20+ years of experience in management roles  working with Fortune 100 companies and fast-growing  startups, I’ve experienced firsthand the daunting and  overwhelming challenges of creating a business from scratch. Through it all, I always paid close attention to the differences between those who rose to stardom and  the few that crashed and burned.

What I’ve learned is… 

Mindset is everything. If you prioritize the inner work, that’s where the real magic happens and you and your business will thrive.

Your passion needs a purpose. Uncovering how your gifts can help solve a problem and serve others is at the core of your creativity, joy, and success.

Balance is key. A balance between discipline and surrender. Rituals and habits. Rest and hustle.

Born a natural risk-taker, I thrived in highly diverse and challenging environments. The challenges that came with seeing an idea transform into reality made me love the creative process even more. It was during this journey of learning that I discovered my passion for product creation and entrepreneurial businesses.
But something was still missing. I wanted to travel the world and have a flexible schedule. I knew my soul was destined for more and wanted to do something I was truly passionate about.

And that, my friend, is how SoulPowered Brands was born.

Hi, my name is 

I am a business builder, intentional creator, world traveler, and SoulPowered business mentor with a passion to empower soul-driven founders through coaching and mentorship to build and cultivate their purposeful brand.

I founded my business in 2015 in an effort to help others enrich their lives by stepping into their SoulPower to build the brand of their dreams.

In less than 12 months I grew my business to six figures and was working remotely from dream locations all around the world. I reclaimed my independence and was doing something that fed my soul every single day.

Today I’ve grown my business to multiple-six-figures by mentoring entrepreneurs, dreamers, and visionaries from all around the world. I work with my clients to help them enrich their lives and leverage their own unique SoulPower to build a purposeful, mission-driven brand.
I lead by example and show my clients that building a successful business is not just about strategy or analytics, but about finding alignment with your soul and creating a flexible lifestyle that is truly intentional.

Shannon Marie.