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Five-Star Signature Workshops for Soul-driven Creators

Brand Camp

Fearless Founder

Imagine creating a business you are passionate about that will bring a real, long-lasting, and meaningful impact.
What if you allowed yourself to be truly intentional and unapologetic with how you spend your time and energy?
​This 8-week camp gives you the blueprint and all the tools you need to ignite your dream brand.

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Purposeful Product

Is there an idea for a fashion or accessory product that’s been on your heart? 
Do you know deep in your soul that it will connect with your consumers in a meaningful way?
Are you passionate about profit for a purpose and want to create a positive impact through your products?
Imagine making all of these goals a reality.

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Soulful Services

Imagine operating your brand from a place of deep soul connection.
What if you really could pursue your purpose to provide soulful services to clients that need you?
You can, and this program will give you the support you deserve to get the results you’ve been striving for.

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“Shannon makes things happen and our business is better off because of it.”

“Shannon has been crucial in the launch of our athleisure brand."

“Shannon was instrumental in helping me elevate my brand’s manufacturing position."

“I could not have created such a quality product by myself."